Top 5 Interior Design Tips

Top 5 Interior Design Tips

Top 5 Interior Design Tips


We are always asked about the current trends in interiors. However, we warn our clients against following fads, which will quickly move on, leaving the home looking dated before its time. Instead, we advise to use classic styles and quality that will last. Here, we list our Top 5 advice tips to create the best style in your own home.


1.  Layers – Create layers using texture and different materials. For example use a combination of hard materials such as stone and wood with softeners such as wool, leather and varied upholstery fabrics.


2. Colour is key – Colour can dictate the ambience of a room, so it is crucial to match fabric and paint samples in each room before making any decisions. Do this at different times of day to see how the light will affect it.


3. Flow –  The overall theme behind a design must be visible in all of its spaces. It is like 10 shades of the same colour; each room is subtly different but ultimately the same.


4. The design must reflect who you are – A good design will showcase the individual’s personality and enhance the way you live your life. A key mistake is to try to copy designs that don’t feel right to the people living within them. Avoid this by creating a space which makes you feel comfortable and happy.


5. Accentuate with a pop of colour or a distinctive pattern – Cheap and quick fixes can be achieved simply by using a bold colour on items of furniture such as a wardrobe or a bright cushion. You’ll be amazed how different a feeling this gives to a room.


The key is to make your space homely and happy without trying to chase trends. Please do not hesitate to drop us a line if we can help with your own project.