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e-Design is a great interior design solution for those who may be living in their home and would like to update a few rooms or for those who would prefer to implement the project themselves. We will provide you with all the information and drawings to enable you to complete the project in your own time. This is suitable for residential and commercial clients.

How it works

Step 1

We ask you to upload necessary project information into your folder including a site survey in a dwg format file; to include existing layouts and elevations of your home / business and any new approved planning additions.

Step 4

You send us your feedback and comments, and we tweak the designs. There is one round of changes only. 

Step 2

We will book in a 30 minute consultation via Zoom to discuss the brief.

Step 5

We send you the final design for you to implement in your own time. 

Step 3

We design your home / business and send over our first draft.

We love the house, it feels like home, and we can't recommend Gomm Studio enough.
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